Significance of Training Institutes for Better Career

Before the industrial revolution, workers were trained by on-the-job training. However, today with rapid technological advancement new machines need to be operated. This new machine does not require a lot of physical work but requires different skills which are known by the terms computer literacy or office automation. The employee will know how to operate this machine only if he has proper training of computers and other equipment’s.

The worker who did not receive proper training is struggling for his future, because there are no jobs available in industry where he could show his expertise. So these employees are unemployed or they get low paid part time jobs. To get better opportunities you have to go through some company’s testing programs to prove that you are good at your job otherwise you cannot find a good job. The company may choose a worker from a particular group which has been trained under any training institute or from those who have done their course by themselves with the books and other materials available in market.

In reality it is difficult to find self-help books for employees. So one has to join some training institute where he will be taught computers as well as soft skills, such as, team building and problem solving etc. These courses are very essential because there is no value of an individual but we should work as a team to get success and every member should develop problem solving skills if they want to survive in competitive world.

The organizations spend huge money on training centers and also provide time for their employees so that they can complete this course successfully. The employee’s performance depends on the training he receives; if he is trained properly then only he can perform his tasks efficiently or else there are chances that you will not complete your project till the time allocated for it. But if your team members are well-trained they can complete their jobs without any delay and also suggest some new ideas to make the work more efficient, which will increase the productivity of company as well as improve their skills on different machines.

A person who has done his course by joining some training institute is more likely to get better job than those who have completed their course under on-the-job training because firstly company spend money on him and secondly because of passing out from a recognized institution companies feel that such employees have some quality.

So it is better to join some training institute than doing self-training, because the company is more likely to hire someone who has received proper training in an institution rather than those who have done their course by themselves.

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